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"Jennifer is simply amazing"

It took me two years to find a place because the product I wanted and price range just didn't exist. Two years! Even when I had lost hope of finding a home that was in my price range and had the things I wanted, Jennifer kept working. This would be my first non-rental and I didn't want to settle. Through it all Jennifer was there, smiling, and always on time. Finally, Whammo! She found a place that stopped me in my tracks and then crafted my offer so that it was accepted in less than twenty-four hours! I never thought I could own a home that pleases me so much and it's all because of Jennifer. I would never use another realtor and heartily recommend her for anyone looking for their own dream home. You will not do better than Jennifer Davidson.

- Ernie Altbacker, Screenwriter

"We quickly picked up on not only her extensive knowledge of the market but her attention to detail for every situation"

Being first time buyers in the South Bay housing market my wife and I were not only going in with cold feet but a very competitive seller’s market. Jennifer was simply the best in not only guiding us through every step of the process but having the patience with us to find our perfect new home. We quickly picked up on not only her extensive knowledge of the market but her attention to detail for every situation. Jen’s personality made it a delight to work with her and she made the entire process stress free by always keeping us informed and efficiently moving the process along. I highly recommend Jennifer to friends and family and look forward to working with her again in the future. THANK YOU Jennifer!

- David & Alix Avila, Sr. Systems Engineer Boeing Co.

"Working with Jennifer was like hitting the easy button"

They say selling your house is one of the most stressful events in a person's life but not with Jennifer. From our first meeting to the closing she treated me like I was her only client. Her vast experience in the market is invaluable, no detail is too small. The marketing plan she put together and followed was dead on. We received several offers over asking within one week. I couldn’t be happier and wouldn’t buy or sell a property in the south bay without her.

- Rich Buhrman, T.V Industry

"I cannot recommend her enough!"

Jennifer is an amazing real estate agent. She was patient, helpful in explaining the whole process in terms I could understand, and quick to respond to all of my questions. As a first time home buyer, this was really appreciated! She was always so upbeat and accommodating, even despite my many emails, phone calls and texts. And to top it all off, she helped me purchase a beautiful home. The house had several offers on it, but Jennifer's successful negotiation skills helped me secure the home with the terms I wanted and without having to get into a bidding war. I cannot recommend her enough!

- Nalani F, CIA

"Jennifer doesn’t jut build clients, she forms relationships"

Pre-Jennifer we had bought and sold two different homes through two different agents, and while we weren’t crazy about either of them we assumed realtors were like car salesmen - just looking to sell a car or in this case a house - so we went along for the (dreadful) ride. Then came the time for us to purchase our third home for our growing family and a close friend insisted we use Jennifer. Even with rave reviews from our close friend, we still went into the initial interview very skeptical expecting the usual car salesman type. Well we were quickly and continually proved wrong. From the initial interview to the close of escrow, Jennifer was personable, professional and extremely diligent. Jennifer doesn’t just build clients, she forms relationships. In fact, we trust her so much that we consider her a friend. You know the saying, “third time’s a charm,” well Jennifer was that (and so much more) for us, and you won’t find a better charm than her!

- Joy + Steve Hryniewicz, Entertainment Industry

"She listened and understood what I needed"

I was about to give up on finding a home and then I found Jennifer. She listened and understood what I needed. I was amazed with her skills and compassion. I urge you to contact her - she is smart, sincere, and truly cares. I am now in a charming single family home, in the perfect neighborhood.

- Laurie Deatrick, CISSP-ISSEP Parsons Corporation, SETA Support

"The real deal"

Jennifer is the real deal! Kind and patient, yet very diligent when she need's to be, Jennifer goes the extra mile to explain details in the confusing world of real estate. Also, she strives to maintain long-term relationships and business, looking out for her clients long after she gets the first sale. HIGHLY recommended!

- Julie Guthrie & Ben Cornell, Physical Therapists

"Usually when something is too good to be true, it is. In the case of Jennifer, she is definitely the exception to this rule"

I have bought and sold multiple properties before and have dealt with some good agents but also, many agents that left something to be desired. My real estate experience along with my 16 years in the Financial Services arena causes me to be skeptical at times and really challenge the people I work with to make sure that they are going to do a great job for me. From my first phone call with Jennifer to well beyond the closing of escrow, she has exceeded all of my expectations. I only wish that she worked in every area that I am looking to purchase real estate in the future!The property that I purchased with Jennifer is my primary residence that I am living in. I thought that I knew exactly what I wanted…well, this wasn’t the case. Jennifer really took the time to ask many questions, challenge my thinking to really be able to understand what was important to me and what were my truly ‘must haves’ in a home that I was looking for. She ran multiple scenarios by me to get a deeper understanding of what I wanted in a new home. I thought our first meeting would be 15-30 mins and instead, it went well over an hour and a half and I left that meeting and called my mortgage broker who referred me to her immediately to thank him for introducing me to Jennifer.Jennifer didn’t just sign me up to MLS like many agents do and say, call me when you see something you like. She took the time to review all of the listings herself and send over a targeted group to keep getting a better understanding of what I truly wanted in a home. The way that she communicates and manages things through the whole process is amazing and shows she understands how the whole process works. Due to my schedule, weekdays are very tough for me to have free time to look at places and Jennifer was willing to meet me in the evening and on weekends, even on a Sunday…this again shows her dedication and passion for what she does.It took a few weeks to find the place that I wanted and when we did, that was when Jennifer turned into a bulldog. Her exact words to me were…”I can tell by the look in your eyes that you want this place….its within your price range…as long as it passes all of the inspections and I feel comfortable with everything, you will be calling this place your home very soon!” I was blown away by this, talk about taking ownership. She is not just interested in closing a deal and moving on to the next one, she wants to make sure that everything is good to go before placing her clients into a home. To say it was an active and sellers market when we put our offer in was an understatement. Putting in a solid offer from a price standpoint was just one part of the equation. Jennifer came over and laid out a plan of attack addressing everything to make sure that my offer stood out above any of the other offers. Because of the time she spent at the beginning of our engagement, she knew all of the information needed to submit an offer. I still remember signing the documents and Jennifer saying to me, “Don’t worry, I will do everything in my power to get you this home.” Sure enough, I got a call a few days later from her saying, “Congratulations, you should have your keys in 30 days!” She also did follow up with saying, this is where the work begins. She made sure to explain to me when I would need to be available which is critical given how busy of a time schedule I have. When forms needed to be signed, etc. she would do whatever she needed to do to get them done well before any deadlines.Jennifer was present in all inspections and through her connections, even had a few people come take a look at things to give us their professional opinion on things just to give me more peace of mind. Again, she was by far the most thorough agent I have ever worked with and her attention to detail is impeccable. She moved the escrow process along and made sure that everyone, the seller, the sellers agent, my broker, escrow, etc. was working on things in a timely fashion. She even got the seller to throw in her flatscreen TV, dining table and rug, kitchen table and a few other items in…for no extra charge!After our closing, there was an issue that came up that no one could have detected or been able to identify during the closing. I called Jennifer to get her professional opinion on what I should do, not even asking her to help me out. After I explained to her what the issue was, she said, “Don’t worry, I will get this taken care of.” Again, I was blown away, I wasn’t even expecting nor asking her to help and she was willing to go the extra mile to make sure everything was taken care of. Keep in mind, this was after escrow had already been closed and her commission had been earned. A few weeks later, she was able to resolve the problem. Like I said earlier, I just wish she could replicate herself so she can work everywhere! When I expressed this to her, she said, “Feel free to call me with any questions and I will help in anyway possible.”My experience with Jennifer was and has been a great one. I have the utmost respect for her professionalism, work ethic and integrity.

- Vinee Mehta, Vice President, Finance & Business Manager at Combs Enterprises

"She makes what could be an incredibly stressful and agonizing process a lot of fun and a really exciting experience"

My significant other and I recently purchased a home with Jennifer as our agent. This was our first home purchase and we were working on a limited budget (by LA standards). She was patient and helpful throughout the entire process. She truly cares about educating you and offering support every step of the way -- you'll never be left hanging no matter what the concern. She was very thorough in her analysis of what we wanted, where we wanted it, and how much we could afford (and she can definitely help you on that point if you're staring at your loan pre-approval letter and your budget trying to figure out how that translates into a purchase). Luckily she was fine with me bombarding her with random properties on top of all of their great finds, and she diligently analyzed the MLS listings, then toured all of the properties before taking us out so as not to waste our time. We could have spent countless days and wasted weekends touring homes, but with Jennifer’s know-how, we found our perfect home on the first day of looking, and had our offer accepted within a week (and that was out of 27 other offers). Due to the type of sale of the property, we were on an extremely tight escrow. Jennifer worked tirelessly to get all of our inspections, reports, etc. completed, made sure to work within our schedule to accommodate us attending the inspections, worked diligently with our loan company, and made sure we felt comfortable with all aspects of the purchase. It's worth mentioning that Jennifer works hard to cultivate great relationships in the real estate industry so she has excellent recommendations -- from loan companies to home inspectors -- and she will never pressure you to work with her recommendations (but it isincredibly helpful to have those dependable folks available when you're like me and haven't gone through the process before). Even once our loan funded and we had the keys in our hands, Jennifer continued to check in with us to make sure everything was coming together and to make sure we had everything we needed. As another client pointed out, it doesn't feel like work when you have Jennifer on your side -- she makes what could be an incredibly stressful and agonizing process a lot of fun and a really exciting experience.

- Amanda Ellis & Vince Raisa, Film & Family Entertainment Industry

"Bottom line, she takes care of you"

We’ve purchased two homes and sold one with Jennifer and re-financed one loan as well. I have nothing but positive feedback. She will make sure your transaction is seamless and will handle all the details and calls necessary-bottom line she takes care of you. She is top notch and we will be using her again and again. I would refer her to anyone!

- Matt Davidson, EVP / Controller & CAO - MGM Studios

"We’ve found her to be extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of her trade"

Jennifer has bought and sold at least 3 homes for us in the past few years. During each transaction, she has not only been a consummate professional, she has been a heck of a lot of fun to deal with. We've found her to be extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of her trade and very good at relationship building and negotiating on behalf of our interests. The fact that I've used her for multiple transactions speaks for itself.

- Jeff Goodwin, Sr. Director of Global Social and Digital Strategy at WD, a Western Digital company. Russ Knight, College Lecturer - PhD in Music Theory

"warm and knowledgeable"

It really felt like she put us at the center of her business. She was warm and knowledgeable and guided our family through the whole process of selling and buying. She made a difficult process as simple as possible. She was in constant communication and it felt like she always had time for us. It was like having a good friend that was also a really talented real estate agent. She really cared and fought hard for our interest when negotiating and throughout both escrows. In our situation, every dollar counted and she was worth more than her weight in gold. I wouldn't trade her any other agent!

- Rafael & Margarita R.

"She goes the extra distance to make it happen"

I've never written a review before, however I felt that Jennifer really deserve the recognition. My husband and I recently bought a home for the first time in Manhattan Beach. We expressed our wants to Jennifer and she listened to everything we described. She explained all the confusing details that buying a house entails so we were comfortable in our decision. She goes the extra distance to make it happen. I truly enjoyed the process of working with Jennifer. After all was said and done, Jennifer continue to impress us with her friendship and commitment to retaining a great relationship with our family. I definitely recommend this amazing, professional, and hard-working woman.

- Peter Dericks & Rachel Dericks, VP Product Marketing at Converse

"She sold my home quickly and with multiple offers"

Jennifer was extremely helpful in locating the perfect home for my family’s needs. The purchase was smooth and quick all due to Jennifer’s insight and assistance of the buying and selling process. She sold my home quickly and with multiple offers. Will definitely use her services again when the time comes - great job Jennifer. Thank You So Much!!

- Robert Farfan, Manager at TTM Technologies

"She made the gigantic process of selling and buying go smoothly"

Quite a while ago, back in the good old days, I had a very positive and great experience working with Jennifer Davidson. Jennifer made the whole gigantic process of selling and then buying a new home go so smoothly. She was on top of all that paperwork, made sure everything was in order, on time and resolved any problems that popped up. There are many good agents out there, including Jennifer, but the one thing that stands out in my mind and I remember most about working with Jennifer was that it didn't seem like work, it was like hanging out with a good friend, which made the whole process very pleasant and stress free. We had a lot of good laughs along the way! I would definitely use Jennifer and Maria as my agents again in the future and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for one!

- Kyle Awakuni, Engineer @ Northrop Grumman

"She executed the whole process like an efficient program manager"

Jennifer was our buyer's agent during our property search and she made the purchase of our first home so easy like a cakewalk. During the search she did groundwork on all the homes we were interested in and once we were in escrow Jennifer and her team provided us with checklists and time-tables to take us through everything methodically. Jennifer's real-estate office team, the equally efficient mortgage consultant contact she had and the remaining professional network of preferred home inspector, roofer, plumber etc were very useful and effective during this process. She executed the whole process like an efficient program manager, and even when there was a curve ball thrown at us once she improvised immediately and successfully completed the process. Above all, she is very easy to work with, she is very committed, available to you during off-work hours and is like a friend to hang out with. I recommend using her services.

- Prashant Iyappan, Solution Lead/Practice Engineer at SAP America

"Jennifer was my angel"

I had to make some tough decisions regarding my parent’s home. I didn't know where to start but I knew I had to sell the home quickly. Jennifer was my angel. With emotions running high and low I needed direction to work with someone who was caring and understanding of my situation. Jennifer was very professional and is a hard working woman. She helped me step by step, follow up was excellent and very punctual. After all we all have things to do and no time to waste. It was like working with my best friend, I needed the support and understanding of tough decisions to direct me on the right path. Sold the home quickly with multiple offers! Thank you, Jennifer, you’re the best!

- Cheryl Jacques, FUJIFILM NORTH AMERICA CORP. Special Account Support Representative

"She is incredibly sweet, but don’t mistake these qualities for weakness"

Jennifer is the reason we got the house of our dreams, period. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and has incredible knowledge of the South Bay market. She was able not only to find us our dream home in Redondo Beach but also to get our first offer accepted, despite ours being one of many offers! Without Jennifer's expertise we never would have gotten our first offer accepted in our target area. My husband and I are researchers, we are good at numbers and facts so finding a realtor was a daunting prospect. Luckily Jennifer was recommended to us and I knew from the first meeting that this woman was going to get the job done. She is professional, personable, friendly, and incredibly sweet, but don't mistake these qualities for weakness. This woman is a very tough negotiator, she is direct and most of all honest. We have recommended her to all of our friends and look forward to working with her in the future.

- Austin Krauss & Meagan Prahl

"She is a fierce negotiator who has her clients backs"

Jennifer 100% earned my endorsement. She held my hand throughout the process of selling my property in Hermosa Beach and then buying in Long Beach. She was my champion from the listing appointment forward. She helped get my property in Hermosa show-ready. Each and everyone one of her recommendations was excellent, from painters, to electricians, and stagers. My property had 5 offers in 4 days on the market and with her expert advice I accepted an offer over asking and jumped into an aggressive escrow. Within a month I had closed escrow, found the perfect replacement single family home, Jennifer negotiated an offer that was immediately accepted, and closed on that very quickly.Jennifer and her team’s commitment, professionalism, and rock-star negotiating skills were underlined when dealing with other realtors, other escrow companies, and other inspectors. I still feel for those negotiating against Jennifer. She was able to get me the most money possible on the sale and turned around and helped me purchase the perfect single family home without spending a dime more than necessary.She’s a fierce negotiator who has her client’s backs. I am happy to call her a friend and continually ask her advice regarding anything real estate related. I will be calling her any time I need to move in the future and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in need of real estate advice or services anywhere.

- Arianna Kennedy

"The dedication she has is why we go back for her support time and time again"

Jennifer is a very detail oriented realtor. She works hard to meet all the goals of her clients and also understands the competitiveness of the housing market. When she works to help her client, she leaves no details unexplored and no questions unanswered. The dedication she has is why we go back for her support time and time again (she has helped us accomplish 6 transactions of buying and selling in the past 10 years in North Redondo, Hollywood Riviera and Palos Verdes Estates). Even after we've moved into our dream home that she helped us get, she continues to support us by giving us referrals to reliable contractors in our times of need.

- Amy Weir, Engineer - Los Angeles Air Force Base

"She really looks out for you – the client"

Jennifer has helped us buy and sell 5 properties in Hermosa Beach. She's a great listener, it's about you, the client. She learns your needs and makes them happen. She's very sharp in knowing the market. As far as negotiating she delivered exactly what we asked for. Things ran very smoothly during the escrow period. Without a doubt Jennifer's best strength is you can always count on her. If I call Jennifer, she's going to call me back quickly. Whenever I need something researched or done, for instance figuring out a good price to sell. She came to me with not only properties that had sold, also what was in escrow and properties that were similar. She not only brought me four stagers, and four different points of view, and four different price points but she helped orchestrate the entire process on time. The next day was photography day, the next day the house was done and already being shown. Once again, when Jennifer said she was going to do something a certain way, Jennifer delivers. She's diligent about doing what it is right for you. She really looks out for you, the client. She thinks about the client well before she thinks about herself. I would go back to Jennifer over, and over again.

- Steve Lazar, Lazar Design+Build

"She was a real star when I needed her the most, I will never forget that"

Jennifer has successfully helped me sell, buy and lease in Manhattan Beach (The Strand, East MB), Hermosa Beach (sand section), and South Redondo Beach close to 20M in sales over the past 10 years. She was very aggressive, and knocked on people's doors who were not even selling with the intention of finding me my dream home. The service element was also very good. Once she found me the right fit and we were in escrow she shined again, she made a tough process go very smooth. For selling her marketing was strong and even helped me with getting my house show ready with a stager and upgrades/repairs to my properties. She was there for me every step of the way. Now, the biggest thing for me is that after closing we ran into some issues, and she had already been paid and really had no obligation to do anything at all, she could have just referred me out. She was a real star when I needed her the most, I will never forget that, she is the best simply, and I hope you use her!

- Jonathan Bates, Manhattan Beach, 2016